ABOUT USAcasa Desain

Akshya Agarwal, is a home décor artist whose love for gemstones prompted her to launch “ACASA DESAIN” in 2016 after her MBA.

Where, Acasa= Home,  Desain= Design,

It emphasis on making your home look beautiful with  gemstone coasters, and fragrant with its 100% eco-friendly aroma candles and Natural essential oils.

We are offering; scented candles of soy wax and bees wax that are smokeless and eco-friendly with variety of fragrances, Gemstone Door Knobs & Pulls, Agate slices, Gemstone coasters and essential oils.


 “I always knew I had something towards furnishing houses, centerpieces and ornamentation. Making the most of my skill set and doing something creative, I have started up “ACASA DESAIN” right after my MBA -- Akshya.