ABOUT USAcasa Desain

Akshya Agarwal, is a home décor artist whose love for gemstones prompted her to launch “ACASA DESAIN” in 2016 after her MBA.

Where, Acasa= Home, where Desain= Design,

It emphasis on making your home look beautiful with its handmade designer Wooden door knobs, gemstone coasters, and fragrant with its 100% eco-friendly aroma candles and Natural essential oils.

The collection of luxurious hardware is handcrafted with semi-precious gemstones with the combination of wood and brass  to assure that every new experience with our home decor products is as good as or better than one before and to make innovative and eco- friendly aroma candles out of bees and soy wax

We are offering; scented candles of soy wax and bees wax that are smokeless and eco-friendly with variety of fragrances, Gemstone Door Knobs & Pulls, Agate slices, Gemstone coasters and essential oils.


 “I always knew I had something towards furnishing houses, centerpieces and ornamentation. Making the most of my skill set and doing something creative, I have started up “ACASA DESAIN” right after my MBA -- Akshya.